Non woven Tablecloth

For those who love a beautiful dining table but want to get free of the washing.tovaglie tnt

The Fabula Home tablecloths are ideal for all occasions. The available sizes are suitable to cover small tables for 4 up 10/12 seats, so they are ideal for the family or friend parties.

For this reason the color range of the Special Party 140 × 240 cm has been expanded. The non woven tablecloths are made by polypropylene that makes waterproof, tear-resistant, disposable and washable at 30 ° fabric. Fabula home is recyclable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless, also is testing laboratory certified for use and contact with food. (EU Reg. 10/2011)

Table cloths rolled in a roll

For those who have different size or extendible tables.tnt rotolo

Fabula Home offers two types of roll suitable for any occasion to both tables of different measures and extendable tables and sometimes you can decide where to make the cut .Ideal for everyday use but also for parties (Special Party), the roll 120cm x 10 m with pre-cut to one meter is alternative to traditional paper or cotton tablecloths. The roll “Milleusi” instead, 40cm x 10 m with pre-cut every 30 cm, as well as becoming a convenient place mat, can be used as a base for small household works, on desks, tables and many other “multipurpose” alternatives.

Disposable Aprons

For those who want to be fashionable without worrying about cleaning apron and cloths.

Colorful and comfortable, but above all waterproof, the aprons preserve the clothes from stains and splashes at the stove without worrying about washing everything. The disposable product is the alternative to traditional aprons.


For those who want to preserve their clothes or their children’s clothes. The bibs are designed both for adults who want to protect clothes while sitting at the table and for the babies, who during a meal are more impulsive and therefore need to be covered.

The size is sufficiently extensive for both needs and the particular upper cylindrical shape with the ‘open and close’ opening makes them universal.

Cellulose Napkins

For those who don’t neglect the details

To make the table more elegant and refined, Fabula offers microembossed napkins in pure cellulose. To adorn the table with a napkin for every occasion, we offer a wide range of alternatives in solid colors to be combined easily to either a single color tablecloth or to a colorful one.





Spiccio Home is a disposable kit consisting of 13 elements to set the table. The kit is a valuable ally for the people that have little time or don’t want to set the table, for couples and for those who are alone, for many meals of your baby or for the ones that want to organize a dinner or a party .\r\nNothing is missing in the kit. Just place the magic cylinder on the table, counting the number of diners and you’re done. The result is a decorated table with a colorful and cute little box, but above all equipped with everything you need to enjoy your meal.

Spiccio is convenient..

        • Do not buy glasses, cutlery, napkins and bibs
        • Do not use the washing machine to remove stains tablecloths
        • Do not use a dishwasher to clean
        • Do not pay water and electricity bills for washing
        • Do not weary to set the table


        • 1 Placemat
        • 1 Cup
        • 1 Napkin
        • Chopsticks
        • 1 Sauces dish
        • 2 Forks
        • 1 Knife
        • 1 spoon
        • 1 Teaspoon
        • Bib
        • 1 Refreshing towel



Place Mat

The place mat is made of non-woven fabric, hypoallergenic, odorless and non-toxic fabric. It is disposable but also washable. The tablemat is an alternative to the tablecloth fabric.

Weigh: 50 gsm
Size : 450 x 350 mm
Material: TNT in PP (Polypropylene)
Colour: Lillac, Bordeaux, Grey, Black


They are made of non-woven, water repellent and suitable clothing to protect from stains and splashes. The particular upper cylindrical shape with the open and close vertically makes them universal, therefore, unique sizes. The tips are designed to be adaptable to both adults and children.

Weight: 50 gsm
Size: 400 x 590 mm
Material: TNT in PP (Polypropylene)
Colour: Lillac,Bordeaux,Grey,Black


A little higher than the usual plastic glasses, it’ is made of a suitable plastic and resistant to bend and not crack. This type of material avoids injuries during transport.

Weight and Volume: 6.5 g x 300 ml
Size: h 112 mm x diam. 76 mm
Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Colour: Trasparent


The napkin of Pure cellulose with 2 veils is simple and elegant, coordinated with the tablecloth.

Weight: 3.70 g
Size: 330 x 330 mm
Material: Microembossed
Colour: Ivory-Brown- Black-Red Purple

Chopsticks and Sauces Dish

The kit offers a solution for a kitchen beyond the Italian borders. The choice of incorporating items for the oriental food denotes a purely international approach.


Weight: 2.8 g
Size: h 20 mm x diam. 76 mm
Material: PET
Colour: Black


Weight: 4.7 g x 2 pezzi
Size: h 173 mm
Material: PS
Colour: Black


The silver cutlery (2 forks, 1 knife, 1 Spoon , 1 teaspoon) is elegant because they are made in a particular hard plastic, it bends but doesn’t break, our raw material PS (polystyrene) is composed of a special mixture that, machined at particular temperatures, the product can bend but not broke. You never run the risk that the item splitting and touchs eyes or the tooth of a fork will remain in the salad. With Fabula cutlery , all these disasters won’t happen.

Size e weight: Knife h 173 mm x 4.7 g\r\nSpoon h 173 x 6.3 g\r\nFork h 173 mm x 5.5 g\r\nTea Spoon h 130 mm x 3.2 g
Material: PS (polystyrene)
Colour: Inox coating

Refreshing towel

The refreshing towel is useful after consuming the meal, to clean hands, and eliminate food odors.

Weight: 5 g
Size: 228 x 113 mm
Material: wet hydrophilic cotton
Colour: White

Available Colours

Lillac – Grey – Red purple – Black

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