What is Fabula

Fabula is a brand specialized in non woven tablecloths and useful products for restauration.

All Fabula lines are realized in non woven, which is an industrial product similar to a tissue but is obtained by different processes from weaving and knitting. It is a material that allows to easily adapt to the restaurant business and eliminate the cost of washing laundry, maintaining the high quality of the “mise en place”. The brand was born in the beginning for Ho.re.ca. market with the tablecloths and napkins in a coordinated line. Fabula Horeca offers a wide range of alternative colors and sizes to satisfy the most varied requirements of restaurateurs, with the possibility to buy tablecloths in rolls with pre-cut, adaptable to their needs . In addition to the Horeca Basic line, where you can choose among many matched available colors , we realize the Horeca Prestige line of printed tablecloths which is the alternative for those who love dare From Ho.re.ca experience is born the full line of products for the home , Fabula Home, for the supermarket and household market. Fabula Home aims at bringing a new tendency into the homes, not abandoning the style using the practicality and convenience of disposable product. Tablecloths, rolls, aprons, bibs and napkins in a coordinated are the products of the home line. Here, it has created a Home Basic line and a Home Prestige to give the opportunity to range between the sobriety of the plain colors to the extravagance of the printed lines. The high quality standard for Fabula Home and Fabula Horeca is expressed in the care of the packaging, layout and the certification that ensures the compliance with European standards. Spiccio Horeca – Spiccio Horeca International – Spiccio Home

The real new of the Fabula brand is the innovative and unique disposable Kit in the world disposable kit to consume a meal. Spiccio revolutionizes the tendency of eating because it encloses a cylinder of less than 18 cm with 14 pieces to set the table in a few seconds. There are 3 versions versions of Spiccio:

Spiccio Horeca –Spiccio Horeca International – Spiccio Home

Fabula is a growing brand, with an eye always pointed towards innovation and new market trends.